Is it difficult to install the ARS and TRS kits?
The kits come with installation manuals and are easy to install. Simply field strip your firearm using standard procedure and follow the step by step instructions to install. 

Will the Tetherless Recoil System work in fully automatic mode?

Yes.  The Dvorak TRS will work in fully automatic mode.  However, because the system uses compressed CO2 the magazine can become very cold after prolonged busrts.

Are any tools required to install the ARS and TRS kits?

Most of the kits can be installed without any tools.  If a tool is required to install a kit it will be provided. 

How long does it take to install the TRS and ARS kits?
Most kits can be installed in as little as 3-5 minutes. 

Will the TRS and ARS kits damage the firing pin?
Over prolonged use the firing pin may become flattened.  We recommend dedicating a specific fireing pin to be used with the recoil kits.

Will the system work with mutiple shooters?

We offer different pulse lengths for our lasers so targeting systems can identify multiple shooters using the same simulation system simultaneously.

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