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Established in 1995, Dvorak Instruments, Inc. has been producing leading edge firearms training and testing equipment for decades. Made in the USA from only the finest materials the Dvorak range of products is unsurpassed in quality and reliability.

As a leader in the field of air recoil simulation, we offer a tether-less and tethered air recoil simulation kit for most semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms. Our patented recoil kits can be easily installed in minutes with little or no tools turning your firearm into a cost effective, safe and effective training tool. Not only do our ARS (Air Recoil System) and TRS (Tetherless Recoil System) kits create realistic recoil and report, they come with an integrated laser that activates most targeting systems. Used by law enforcement agencies around the globe as well as the United States and German Military, our recoil simulators have set the standard for realistic firearms training without the expense and danger of live ammunition.

Dvorak Instruments Inc. also offers the TriggerScan™ System. This patented technology sets a global standard for trigger quality evaluation. The TriggerScan™ System is a computer controlled, motorized instrument, specifically designed to test the trigger mechanism of firearms. By using data acquisition and graphical evidence of the trigger pull the TriggerScan™ System can provide repeatable objective evidence of trigger quality. The system measures thru force and distance; take-up, creep, pull force over travel and lock time to illustrate clearly and accurately the trigger profile. With the TriggerScan™ System manufacturers, armorers and gunsmiths are able to precisely evaluate any firearm's trigger in order to enhance the trigger for increased repeatable accuracy.

As a compliment to the TriggerScan™ System, the Trigger Pull Trainer or TPT is a computerized system designed to teach shooters how to control the trigger for accurate and rapid fire. By mounting on most popular handguns the TPT graphically illustrates all phase of trigger movement. Visual feedback helps to develop smooth trigger pull technique and optimal trigger reset habits. Designed to easily convert your firearm into an effective training tool the TPT will track your progress and help you become a more confident accurate shooter.

From trained professionals to beginning shooters the Dvorak product line allows for safe, cost effective, realistic training in any environment. Train safe, train smart, train REAL

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