FN FAL Rifles

*In Development*
The Dvorak Tetherless Recoil System TRS-FAL is for FN FAL rifles and various clones. The TRS kit, which features a high grade stainless steel actuator, CO2 magazine and laser, easily converts your firearm into a safe and effective training tool. By using compressed gas, the system simulates recoil in semi-automatic and fully automatic modes by acting on the gun's slide or bolt to cycle the weapon. The system cycles the weapon exactly as it would during live shooting, simulating recoil and providing audible report while marking the point of impact with the integrated laser for immediate training feedback. *Firearm not included.
Each Kit Contains:
  • Actuator: Replaces the original bolt carrier and produces simulated recoil every time the gun is "fired"
  • Magazine: Stores CO2 gas, or holds two standard 12 gram CO2 cartridges
  • Laser: Mounted on or threaded into the barrel, the laser transmits a beam of light to activate targeting systems - many types of lasers are available to work with a variety of targeting systems
Advantages of the TRS System
  • By using gas instead of live ammunition a large number of simulated rounds can be fired for a minimal cost
  • The system can be used by not only Military and Law Enforcement but beginning shooters as well
  • The weapon's original trigger is not altered in any way reproducing the exact trigger pull used in real world scenarios

From trained professional to beginning shooter the Dvorak TRS allows for safe, cost effective, realistic training in any environment. Make the Dvorak TRS an integral part of your training regimen. Train safe, train smart, train REAL

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