Trigger Pull Trainer for Full Size Glocks

The Dvorak Trigger Pull Trainer TPT-GL22 is for Full Size Glock handguns. The TPT is a computerized system designed to teach shooters how to control the trigger pull for accurate and rapid fire. The system consists of a lightweight sensor mounted on the firearm's frame, which is linked to the trigger. The position of the trigger is shown on a chart as a function of time. The graph shows all phases of trigger movement. Visual feedback helps to develop a smooth trigger pull technique and optimal trigger reset habits. *Firearm not included.
 Each Kit Contains:
  • Trigger Assembly: Includes machined trigger and trigger bar
  • Frame Mounted Adaptor: Includes position sensor and quick connector
  • Interface Cable: Connects from gun-mounted adaptor to USB cable
  • USB Cable: Connects from interface cable to USB port on computer - includes data acquisition module
  • Software: Installs on your personal computer or laptop running Microsoft Windows®
  • Optional Laser: Provides additional training feature
Advantages of the TPT System
  • Kits are available for most popular handguns
  • The system may be used for either dry fire (individual) or live fire (with an instructor) training
  • Custom software records training results and provides graphical evidence of training progress
  • Converts a regular firearm into an effective training tool
  • Can me quickly installed and removed
  • Made of lightweight anodized aluminum

From trained professional to beginning shooter the Dvorak TPT allows for safe, cost effective, realistic training in any environment. Make the Dvorak TPT an integral part of your training regimen. Train safe, train smart, train REAL.

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