TriggerScan™ System

The Dvorak TriggerScan™ System TS-11 is a computer controlled, motorized instrument, specifically designed to test trigger mechanisms of firearms.  The system provides precise and repeatable graphical evidence of trigger quality.  The patented technology sets a new standard in trigger quality evaluation. *Firearm not included.
  TriggerScan™ System  Includes:
  • TriggerScan™ Instrument: Motorized trigger-pull instrument for testing all trigger parameters
  • TriggerScan™ Software:  Provides data acquisition and graphical record of trigger test results for force and distance - software installs on your personal computer or laptop running Microsoft Windows®
  • Serial Cable:  Connects TS-11 instrument to COM port on your computer
  • Firearm Rest: Support firearm during testing
  • Optional Equipment: Numerous option available to facilitate trigger testing
Advantages of the TriggerScan™ System
  • Works on most triggers
  • Provides graphical evidence of trigger quality
  • Objective method for profiling triggers
  • Measures take-up, creep, pull force, over travel and lock time
  • Used by many gun manufacturers 

The Dvorak TriggerScan sets a new standard in trigger quality evaluation.  Train safe, train smart, train REAL.

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