TriggerScan™ System

TriggerScanTM is a computer controlled, motorized instrument, specifically designed to test trigger mechanisms of firearms.
This patented technology set the standard in trigger quality evaluation. The system provides precise
and repeatable graphical evidence of triggerquality.

Advantages of the TriggerScanTM System
• System works on all almost all types of triggers.
• Provides data acquisition and graphical evidence of trigger parameters/trigger quality.
• Provides an objective method for profiling triggers.
• Measures both force and distance, allowing the user to measure take-up, creep, pull force,
over travel and lock time.
• Used by many gun manufacturers to design and test their triggers.

The TriggerScanTM System is modular, and consists of the following packages and optional items:

The Basic Package TS-11 consist of the following items:
• TriggerScanTM Instrument - Motorized trigger-pull instrument for testing all trigger parameters.
• Sofware - Provides data acquisition and graphical record of trigger test results for force and distance. Provided as a CD-ROM, the software installs on your personal computer or Laptop running Microsoft Windows®. Also available separately as a CD-ROM or download: Version 4 supports Windows 10 and older.
• Power supply
• Serial cable
• USB conversion available upon request when ordering
• Upper rest
• Essential keys and tools
• User manual
• Protective case

The enhanced Professional Package TC-11 consist of the following items:
• TS-11 Package
• FS-25 Firing pin sensor 25 inch long
• FS-08 Firing pin sensor 8 inch long
• RY-01 Yokes for rest
• RS-02 Professional rest
• A-01 Spring testing adapter

Additional optional items available separately:
• RS-01 Basic Rest with yokes.
• FS-6SET Optional set of 6 Firing pin sensors and 1 rod for small calibers:
- .22 Long Rifle
- .222 Rem
- .223 Rem
- 22-250
- .243 Win
- 6 mm PPC / 7mm BR
• FS-9SET Optional set of 9 Firing Pin Sensors and 1 rod for small calibers:
- .22 Long Rifle
- .22 Swift
- .222 Rem
- .223 Rem
- 22-250
- .243 Win
- 6mm PPC / 7mm BR
- .270 Win
- 7mm RemMag.

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